Choosing a strong password

Safeguarding your accounts online is essential in protecting your personal, professional or your business information. More often than not, accounts are compromised for various purposes including stealing information, defacing, blackmailing among others.

First of all, we recommend having an IT governance framework or at least an IT security policy in your organization that will make sure that your information is not picked up by the wrong persons or groups.

Our Strong Password Generator tool generates random passwords comprising of letters in both upper and lower case, special characters and numbers. It can be access at .

It is strongly recommended to use two-factor authentication whenever possible. This will ensure that even if your password is stolen, the malicious party will not get access to your information as they will need your verification code which comes from an OTP device, SMS, email or code generators such as Google Authenticator.

Important Tips:

  • Don’t Write Down Your Passwords
  • Use Two-factor Authentication
  • Not all password manager softwares are safe. They are not as safe as many believe.
  • Beweare of phishing emails.
  • Use random phrases like “Apple house 390#” if you want to remember the passwords. Random phrases like these are impossible bruteforce and you can easily remember them. Plus, they are very strong.
  • Use different passwords on different websites and apps. This will ensure that even if one of your account is compromised, the other accounts will not be affected.