VPN Service in Myanmar – Protecting your data with VPN, an added layer of security

Virtual Private Networks are a way of encrypting your information as it travels over the internet or intranet. VPN is usually used for two purposes: to share information between two or more sites and to browse the larger internet.

As the information travels over a network, there are many points at which your information maybe sniffed or altered for malicious purposes. Over time, the vulnerabilities in the standard security mechanisms have been exposed with one of the latest known vulnerabilities being “Venom” on virtualization platforms. Therefore, its always wise to safeguard your valuable data with the latest available tools based on well-defined operation security.

At Zilpa Tech, we have been using various types of VPN especially with our corporate clients. In September, we launched Brevis VPN to provide fast and reliable VPN for both personal and business purposes. Brevis in Latin stands for brevity and which is what we try to do with our VPN. Our mission is to provide a VPN that is nearly as fast as the normal connection and providing an added layer of security with data compression where necessary.


If you are running software systems on multiple branches of your business that  relay information from one point to another, it is worth the effort to employ strong security mechanisms to protect your data. Some of our retail clients use inventory control & POS systems to monitor branches from a central location and we provide added value of security for such purposes.

No system can be 100% secure. However, you can always choose to stay on the safer side.  Most of the IT system security is focused on the technology and little on the human aspects. We try to balance the two by consulting for operational security policies and implementations as well.